This project was developed throughout my UX / UI Bootcamp at Ironhack Berlin. As students we needed to suggest a new functionality to an existing app. Suggestions were evaluated by the teaching team and randomly distributed to the students in order to prevent bias and help to keep us in the “I am not my user” mindset.


I received the challenge to add a financial support feature on the artist’s Facebook Page to solve the problem of lack of incomes they are facing during the lockdown period due to Coronavirus.


This project lasted 4 sprint days and my goal was to design a high-fidelity prototype that reflects the best path forward based on research, iterations and testing. I decided to follow the next steps to guide me during these 4 days:

  • Problem Statement
  • User Persona
  • Testing and Iterations
  • Hi-Fi Prototype

Problem Identification

Having my classmate Daria Shehter, who suggested the feature, as my stakeholder I started the investigation process interviewing her in order to have a better understanding of the problem and need that she has identified. She introduced me to a few artists which were promoting financial support apps or donation platforms in order to collect donations from their audience

I organized the information I collected building a mindmap which would help me to find the best solution for the following questions:

  • Why would someone help an artist?
  • Who will support artists?
  • What would the artist have to do to get support?

I interviewed some artists and ran a survey with Facebook users trying to empathize with them by understanding their motivation to financially help artists and the kind of content those users were consuming from their favorite artists.

Here are some highlights that I got from this process.

“I’d pay something but less than a concert in person”

“I usually support them via crowdfunding with rewards”

User Persona

From survey results I created 2 user personas covering both sides of the problem: The artist who needs support and the follower who will support him. Both of them recognise the need of supporting artists.


So, How might we help artists to receive financial support from their followers on Facebook during the lockdown period, since they can’t do in-person concerts?

My ideas was to create a fundraiser tool on Facebook where artists can offer some service, such as online shows or exclusive music tracks, in exchange for financial support from their followers.

User Flow

To create the solution I worked with 2 platforms: The Facebook App and the Facebook Page App. User flow starts on Facebook Page App creating the Fundraiser and ends on Facebook App where the follower supports the artist.


A Midi-Fi Prototype was created to validate the product creation process by performing user tests and iterations.

Tests and Iterations

Tests were performed using Maze Design Tool which allowed users to perform some required tasks and evaluate the process at the end. It also allowed me to follow each test and visualize the most clicked areas through a heatmap, as below:

Those tests helped to identify two main issues:

  • Users had difficulty finding the Business Page on Facebook App;
  • Users focused more on the difficulty to find the Page than on the feature evaluation.

After the tests, I fixed some items such as the possibility of creating a fundraiser directly from the home.


After all tests and iterations the Hi-Fidelity prototype was created.


  • The importance of conducting tests with your specific audience
  • Using Maze-Design as a tool to test prototypes was really good.

I am keen on UX/UI Design. 🇧🇷/🇩🇪